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2020 Post to Post Summer Development Camp
Location: Patriot Park
5445 Columbia Rd, Grovetown, GA 30813
Dates: June 21-25
Cost: Fundamental: $175.00
Premier: $250.00
Elite Talent Identification Platform: $275.00
Registration & Schedules:

Contact: Steve Richards
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 706-550-2858

In partnering with SoccerPlus Camps, Post to Post Soccer Pathways will continue to attract, retain and develop top-quality players. The partnership also affords the opportunity to partner and affiliate with some of the biggest organizations and academies, and to provide athletes with the crucial connections for advancement and future endeavors.

What Soccerplus- Post to Post Offers – Over 30 hours of Professional player development in 5-days of CAMP…

Great coaches who CONTINUALLY CHALLENGE THE PLAYER TO DO BETTER AND PUSH THEIR LIMITS – they inspire the players to believe in themselves by continually putting them in situations which challenge their limiting beliefs.

At Post to Post we do not allow the players to just get by with the status quo. We do this by pushing the players outside of their comfort zone, physically, mentally and emotionally, and then helping them discover that, in fact, they can do better than they first believed they could.

We teach the “GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE principle,” which states that the only way to grow physically and emotionally is to constantly challenge them to do things that aren’t easy. In this way they refuse to tolerate mediocrity in effort, attitude, technique, training or performance.

5 -Day Development Program -

Fundamental Training Programs (Ages 8-11) - $175.00

·  This is an age appropriate training program. The program teaches the Post to Post methodology to be technically sound at an early age. We will breakdown the different components of the players technical knowledge and reconstruct their methods for their learning capacity at such an early age to make sure they are practicing, and training is correct for the future development.

 Premier Training Program (Ages 11-14) - $250.00

·  This training program is the primary to introduce the players to our proven curriculum “Education on the Attack” The Premier program develops a natural progression from effective striking of the ball to creating instinctive solutions to problems on the field that result in goal scoring opportunities. This program identifies skills and tactical weaknesses in players and provides training to redirect energies to successful methods.

Elite Talent Identification Platform to compete at the next level. Training Program (Ages 15 -18) - $275.00                                                         *This will include afternoon classroom sessions.

This is the most effective high-level training program offered. The emphasis is on creative decision-making with limited time and space, and 1v1 domination. The player will be challenged to near perfection as needed to be identified to compete at the collegiate level. This program is extremely competitive and physically demanding. This program is an enhancement of two programs into one… Our Soccerplus- Post to Post collegiate coaching staff will prep you on what is expected to play at the next level.

Description: 2- Camps.   Combo Elite College Development & Talent Identification - $435.00

*Over 48 hours of Collegiate coaching and interaction.

There is no doubt that attending camps have become a critical element to an effective recruiting game plan. By attending the COLLEGE DEVELOPMENT PREP program prior to the 3-day ID Camp allows the college coaches to not only properly assess a player’s athletic ability, but to also evaluate a prospects character, attitude and work ethic. Getting to know the college coaches prior to the 3-day ID Camp is an excellent recruiting opportunity to network yourself as a player, meet coaches and set up future visits. This program is a perfect way to maximize exposure opportunities, the college coaching staff will prep you on what is expected to play at the next level. This will help you receive additional attention, and instruction on what is needed for the 3 day -ID Camp component at the end of the week

The attire curriculum has been developed to help you get the edge on marketing yourselves to schools and to cater to the most dedicated Elite players with the highest aspirations to compete at the collegiate level. Post to Post introduces the College Development program & ID camp in a one-week course. This program encompasses our philosophy statement of "Let us Prepare You, Guide You, Get You Recruited. We are committed to both turning out quality players and to helping them find a college to suit their educational, geographical and athletic needs.

The College coaches are on the field scouting, evaluating and giving feedback during the training sessions. They will interact one-on-one with the players and teach in small group sessions. The unique event will give the player - and the college coach - the opportunity to get to know each other on the field but also off the field. College coaches want to get to know players more deeply, especially to understand their personality, their overall intelligence, their academic goals, and whether they share similar values.


             Get the opportunity to be evaluated by our collegiate coaching staff and interact with them

             Get a better understanding of expectations and demands at the collegiate soccer level

             Learn the skills needed to become an even better player

             Participate in training sessions run by our collegiate staff

             Find out the steps that lead to a scholarship


Development Camp Typical Day

·         Sunday 5.00pm - 5:30PM Check IN / Sunday 6:00-9:00 Training session & Games

·         Monday 9:00AM-12:00PM Training Session / 5:30-8:30PM Training & Games

·         Tuesday 9:00AM-12:00PM Training Session / 5:30-8:30PM Training & Games

·         Wednesday 9:00AM-12:00PM Training Session / 5:30-8:30PM Training & Games

·         Thursday 9:00AM-1:30 PM Training Session / Closing Ceremonies.



2020 Summer Soccerplus- Powered by Post to Post Pathways
Dates: Patriot Park 
5445 Columbia Rd, Grovetown, GA 30813
Dates: June 26th, 27th, 28th 
Cost: $295.00

Contact: Steve Richards 
Email: [email protected]
Phone:  706-550-2858        

Soccerplus- Powered by Post to Post Pathways Details:

  • Each Elite player will complete a player profile including his or her GPA, SAT & ACT scores.
  • Each player will be issued an Identification Number that they will wear at each session. 
  • Daily interaction with all the Soccerplus-Post to Post College Coaches staff on & off the field.

College Coaching Sessions

  • Coaching Session Curriculum on the following subject: Technical / Tactical Session on the Final Third. Starting from the left or right back
  • Coaching Session Curriculum on the following subject: Transition from Defense to Attack or Attack to defense
  • Coaching Session Curriculum on the following subject: Midfield Roles. (Attacking/Holding)
  • Coaching Session Curriculum on the following subject: Defending in multiple areas on the field. Individual & Team defending principles (Forward / Midfield / Defender


The Soccerplus- powered by Post to Post Post to Post development Camps are uniquely designed to provide all campers access to all our college coaching staff in a variety of Elite player training sessions that providing a platform for players to showcase their skills and benefit from direct training with college coaches. Our youth development camps are normally introduced prior to the Talent Identification player platform.

A rotation of our collegiate coaching staff will take place in order to maximize not only the players experience, but also give you the ability to train with coaches from all divisional levels.  A group of coaches will work on certain sessions and another group of coaches will get the opportunity to complete player evaluation forms. The coaching staff have the opportunity use this time as a coaching education opportunity observing coaching sessions.  This will give each player the opportunity to spend the entire day with specific coaches.

The Soccerplus - Post to Post Talent Identification programs provide an exclusive opportunity for the serious elite soccer player to find a good fit for their ability at certain levels. One of the unique features of this camp: introducing players to different styles of coaching, systems of play, and what is expected. Our collegiate coaching staff have been carefully selected from all levels of play so each player can be evaluated with suggestions what level they will be successful at the next level.
Our OAS virtual program (Athlete of Significance) 
assists players and their families to prepare for the the next level. We go beyond the lines to discuss how to market themselves and offer them guidance on developing a timeline and specific requirements to help them find the right match to fit your athletic and academic goals!

Camp Details:

  • Each player will complete a player profile including his or her GPA, SAT & ACT scores.
  • Daily interaction with all the College Coaches on & off the field.
  • The Soccerplus - Post to Post Pathways Elite Talent Identification Platform Showcase enrollment is for players (ages 14-20) also graduating seniors from Junior Colleges still looking for a home at a four-year school
  • All Soccerplus - Post to Post Youth Development Camp attendees will be receiving a professional looking custom Post to Post Capelli sports camp kit which includes a training shirt, shorts, and socks.

    Post to Post Identification Camps

    Typical Day

    o   4:30 PM Registration Player Check-in

    o   5:00 PM Introduction Meet & Greet the Soccerplus- Post to Post Elite College Coaches. Question and Answer Session

    o   5:30 PM – 6:45 PM First Practice Session Technical Field Session small sided activities

    o   6:45 PM – 7:30 PM Break (Players supply own meals)

    o   7:30 PM – 8:30 PM 11v11 Games Theme Evaluation of a players technical & tactical soccer IQ

    Saturday Sessions

    o   9:00 AM – 10:30 AM Finishing Striking Sessions from multiple areas

    o   10:30 AM – 10:45 AM Break (Players provide own meals)

    o   10:45 AM – NOON Coaching Session: Technical and Tactical Session in the Final 3rd

    o   Noon – 1.00 PM Lunch Break (Players provide own meals)

    o   1:00 PM – 2.00 PM: Classroom Session College Coaching Lecture on Recruiting Process

    o   2:15 PM – 3:30 PM Coaching Session” Transition from Defense to Attack

    o   3:30 PM – 4:00 PM Break (Players provide own meals)

    o   4.00 PM – 5.30 PM  11v11 Game Coaching in the game Theme midfield roles in various formations

      Sunday Sessions

    o   9:00  AM – 10:30 AM Coaching Session Midfield Roles (Attacking/Holding)

    o   10:30 AM – 10.45 AM Break (Players provide own meals)

    o   10.45 AM – NOON 11v11 Games Theme evaluations midfield roles in various formations

    o   NOON – 1.00 PM Lunch Break (Players provide own meals)

    o   1.00 PM- 2.00 PM Classroom Session Being a College Athlete

    o   2:00 PM – 3.15 PM 11v11 Games Theme evaluation Defending front-mid-defense

    o   3:30 PM Conclusion of Camp


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