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Lesson 4/2/2020

Power Point Lesson: Transition to College

College Academy Players

 During the coronavirus crisis I will be providing all my teams multiple coaching resources. This will include important college recruiting power points, and soccer technical & tactical lesson plans that will need the players responses as completion of assignments. Please create a lesson log file to submit.

Transition and preparation for college. Because of your busy strenuous schedule, the demands placed on a scholarship student-athlete is a lot more challenging than most people think. College students are without adult supervision and guidance for the first time in their lives. And they will need to balance their schoolwork, club meetings, social life and in most cases a part-time job. Now, imagine having all these responsibilities, as well as daily practice, film study, workouts and team meetings. That’s the life of a college student-athlete — and it’s far from easy.

There are no short cuts. Instead of three months of freedom, scholarship players are given only about 10 days off before “optional workouts” begin. These workouts are only optional by name and most student-athletes on the roster participate. After optional workouts, fall camp begins and soccer becomes a full-time job. For three weeks, student-athletes must eat, breath and live soccer. Their day begins early and ends late after multiple practices, team meetings, film study and mandatory weight-room sessions. On the bright side, it’s easy to go to bed early after roughly 12 hours of non-stop soccer preparation.

Once school commences the following areas are important going forward. We will delve into the following areas. Please make a note where your strengths and weaknesses are so we can address them going forward. The schedule for these projects will be Tuesday & Thursday as if we were training.

*The transition from high school to college is often full of surprises for the unprepared.

These skills are not only useful for those students in high school and those who are college bound; in fact, many career paths will expect you to have mastered these skills to be an efficient and productive employee. The key is to start early. Ask around your school for any classes or seminars on notetaking, researching, and time management. You can also see if your local community center offers such classes you can join.

 Finally, remember that a library is always a good resource; visit your library for some textbook knowledge on how to master these skills.

Although there is a set of skills that’s required in both contexts, college requires that you master more challenging study skills, including understanding and analyzing complex academic material, time management, and stress management.

In addition, you will need to learn to become more of an independent student, as your teacher-based support system is usually less available in the higher levels of education. Although not essential for high school, these principles are still useful during those years. What's more, by mastering these skills early on you'll set yourself up for success when you do get to college.

Advanced Study Skills

*While there’s still a large amount of handholding in high school, once in college you will be expected to exhibit independent and advanced study skills, such as analyzing, researching, note taking, listening, and comprehension, to name a few.

During high school most projects will be short, but having mastered these study skills, your abilities will help you to do well during your high-stakes exams and do even better in any short projects you might be assigned to.

 Time Management

*During high school you may already need great time management skills but remember that your workload will only grow bigger the more you advance through your school years. Learning to create schedules and sticking to them is crucial. For efficient time management you must learn to anticipate course needs and plan and study well in advance to avoid burnouts. Another skill that might contribute to better time management is speed reading.

Given how your study material will generally grow more difficult and lengthier, being able to read faster than the average student, without sacrificing comprehension, will save you a lot of time and keep stress at bay. Especially for college courses, speed reading will spare you the frustration of having to go through tons of literature and compulsory study material in a limited time, and let you stay ahead of your coursework responsibilities, all thanks to an efficient reading pace.

Motivation and Self-discipline

*While not academic skills per se, motivation and self-discipline are two skills and virtues you must cultivate during your high school years. Both high school and college are stressful times with a lot of duties and expectations for students, so being able to find motivation and practice discipline are vital to your success. During your college years, where you will be more independent, being able to objectively assess your studying behavior will let you stay within schedule and do well in your exams and coursework.


*Many colleges follow a lecture model of teaching. Most of your classes will be in vast auditoriums along with as many as 300 hundred other students. Being able to take notes efficiently is the basis for academic success.

Note-taking is a demanding skill. If you learn it during high school, your skill will improve your exam scores and help you to study with less effort during college. Note-taking must be intelligent, selective, and critical. It requires practice and a lot of focus on your part to take meaningful notes that will later assist and guide your studying.


Week one - Ball Touches and Conditioning.

Same drills on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - Ten minutes of Juggling to start on each training day plus (5 push-ups, 10 sit-up and 15 squats) 

Session One:
Set 1: 20 Toe Touches - leave the ball, Sprint 20 yards and back (100% sprints)
Set 2: 15 Toe Touches - leave the ball, Sprint 15 yards and back
Set 3: 10 Toe Touches - leave the ball, Sprint 10 yards and back 
(Two mins break after all 3 sets)

Session Two:
20 Inside-inside - Sprint 20 yards and back (100% sprints)
15 Inside-inside - Sprint 15 yards and back
10 Inside-inside - Sprint 10 yards and back 
(Two mins break after all 3 sets)

Session Three:
20 Inside-inside/20 Toe Touches - Sprint 20 yards and back (100% sprints)
15 Inside-inside/15 Toe Touches - Sprint 15 yards and back
10 Inside-inside/10 Toe Touches - Sprint 10 yards and back
(Two mins break after all 3 sets)

Finish each day with a light jog and stretching


Week 1 Worksheet 1. 
Drive and Ambition Worksheet 

 Week 1 Worksheet 2  
Tactical Analysis Worksheet

Soccer Questionnaire - 

Talent & Adversity Worksheet  

As we begin this second week, as always, I hope everyone and their loved ones are healthy first and foremost.
Like last week we will begin with sending the technical and conditioning workouts today, followed by the three worksheets on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. We tried to alter things slightly to give a different experience but with the same learning goals.

Ball Mastery
Push Pull 30 Seconds Brazillian Toe Taps 30 Seconds
Inside, Outside 30 Seconds Pull Push Outside 30 Seconds
1 minute Rest Repeat x3

Pull Back 45 secs work 45 secs rest
Outside Hook 45 secs work 45 secs rest
Inside Hook 45 secs work 45 secs rest
Cruyff 45 secs work 45 secs rest
Step Over 45 secs work 45 secs rest
Choice  45 secs work 45 secs rest

X Run
Right Foot Only 1 min work 1 min rest
Left Foot Only 1 min work 1 min rest
Inside Only 1 min work 1 min rest
Outside Only 1 min work 1 min rest
Choice 1 min work 1 min rest

10 Minute Run - 30 secs 50% 30 secs 85%

30 Seconds Single Leg Bound 30 Seconds Rest
30 Seconds Plank Up Downs 30 Seconds Rest
30 Seconds Knees to Chest Jumps 30 Seconds Rest
30 Seconds Incline Push Ups 30 Seconds Rest.
30 Seconds Mountain Climbers 30 Seconds Rest
Repeat 4x

Please pass along any feedback for this week’s work.
Hope you enjoy!

Time to get to work!
“The true test of one’s character is what they are doing when no one is watching”
John Wooden


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